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With our team of dedicated developers, and our trusted partner networks, we can ensure that your project is done the right way.

Website Development: Seeking the perfect website? Your search ends here. We ensure all your specifications are met, delivering a visually stunning website. Our team excels at bringing your vision to life, or assisting you in crafting one if you're unsure where to begin.

Web-app Development: Need more than just a website? We've got you covered. From integrated databases to advanced functionality, we cater to your requirements with precision.

API Development: When expanding your client offerings means connecting to other networks, we're here to help. Whether you're the network others need to connect to or seeking integration with existing APIs, our expertise spans creating API systems from scratch, crafting comprehensive documentation, and facilitating seamless connections across API networks.

Web Server Hosting: Looking for reliable web hosting to keep your online presence secure? Look no further. Our user-friendly and cost-effective web hosting solutions guarantee 24/7 uptime for your websites, web-apps, and API systems. What's more, we offer complimentary email services with all our hosting packages, plus free easy-to-install applications you can put on any website.

General & Game Server Hosting: Whether you're striving to keep your game consistently online or maintain availability for a bot, we've got you covered. Our servers are designed to handle any workload, and our expert team can tailor the perfect server solution for your needs, all at a competitive price.

Roblox Development: We offer comprehensive Roblox development services, covering everything from modeling to scripting and everything in between. Our team is adept at meeting all your requirements with precision and expertise.

Unity Development: If you need a game made, you have come to the right place. We can help you with your already existing game, or help create one from scratch, all using Unity as the Game Engine.

Unreal Engine 5 Development: Need something a little more powerful? Look no further, as our team is fully capable of developing complex games and short-films in Unreal Engine 5.

Mobile Game/App Development: If your focus is on the mobile market, we have you covered there too, with Android and IOS development.



Discord Bots: Looking to get a simple or complex bot made? Look no further, our development team is here to assist you and help create the bot of your dreams. We can even sync the bot's functions with an online web-panel, or anything else you might need.

Discord Web-hook API: If you need your Discord Web-hook to do something specific, like keep up to date on the weather, or act as a logger, we can help you set this up. From setting up POST and GET end-points, to sending the messages to Discord, we are able to assist in anything you need.

Discord Login: If you have a web project, or even a game, or app, that needs to be able to allow user's to sign in with Discord, we can help. From just a simple sign in, to being able to collect the appropriate data, or execute actions after sign-in, we are here to help.
Integration & Server Management

Web-to-app: If you have a website that needs to be turned into an app, we can help. No, we aren't just making a simple web-view, we will actually help create a back-end API system that allows your app to interact with your website appropriately. Examples of this would be the Amazon App, or Walmart App. These apps are made custom for their brand, but also sync up products and content from their website.

POS Systems & Online Payments: Sometimes working with Stripe or Square can be a hassle. This is where we come in. We can help create your Point of Sale Software, or get custom online payments going for your website or app. 

Models & Short-Films & Movies: We work with Blender to help create custom models for any project you might need it for. We also can create short-films, or even full movies for you if that is what you require.

Need Something Special?
Our team, while small, is always learning and expanding our capabilities. If you have a unique development project that you want to see if we can help with, come and talk with us. We will be more then happy to sit down and try and help you. Ultimately though, if we are unable to do the development work, we will help find another agency that can, and send you over. We want you and your project to succeed in it's development.
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Salvador Dynamics offers premium services catering to a diverse range of clients. Given the unique nature of each project, the amount of work required can vary. All our services are tailored to suit the individual client's needs, meaning we do not offer flat rates. Instead, we encourage clients to request quotes. There's no obligation to proceed with the purchase upon receiving the quote, and we do not engage in pestering or pressuring tactics. The decision to proceed is entirely up to you. If we don't receive a response, we assume the quote may not have been received and will resend it. After a few attempts without response, we respect your disinterest and cease further contact. We ensure a spam-free experience. We urge everyone to give us a chance, as our services are often more affordable than perceived, and we're flexible enough to accommodate lower budgets if necessary.

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