About Us

So, what is our story?

Let's take a closer look at Salvador Dynamics, where Salvador Chavarria Jr. leads with a blend of innovation and passion. His journey began with a deep-seated love for creation, especially in the realms of online applications, games, and websites. In August 2023, he laid the cornerstone of this enterprise. 

Initially focused solely on crafting and launching games, Salvador Dynamics underwent a significant shift by January 2024. It emerged anew, now committed to extending its expertise to all in need while using the generated revenue to fuel ambitious gaming and project endeavors. 

At Salvador Dynamics, we share a common dream – to curate a vibrant library filled with engaging and immersive games. However, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Each project receives meticulous attention and time, ensuring that what we deliver exceeds expectations. 

Acknowledging the inherent costliness of our pursuit for quality, we've chosen a different path from traditional crowdfunding methods. By opening our doors to the public, we offer tangible products and services in exchange for support. We believe in fostering reciprocal relationships built on mutual value, rather than seeking mere handouts. 

With your support, we pledge to work tirelessly on the projects entrusted to us. Your patronage not only allows us to continue our journey but also fuels our aspirations of evolving into a prominent game development powerhouse. Together, we can turn dreams into reality.